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Ownership Disputes Over Real Estate Property

A title establishes legal relationship to the land an individual owns. It gives a person the right to a specific property; these rights may include possession and use of land, easements, mineral and water rights, amongst others. Disagreements over the title of real estate properties are quite common in the United States. There are many instances where two individuals assert their claim over the title of a real estate property, which may lead to a legal dispute between them. What Causes Title Disputes? Disputes can take place due to multiple rea... Read more

Debt Division in A Divorce

In the United States, most spouses owe a significant sum of money in the form of home mortgage, car financing, and credit card loans, amongst others. Nerdwallet suggests that the average American household carries a balance of $15,482 in respect to credit card debt. The debt may seem negligible when couples are enjoying a happy married life, but when marriages fall apart, it can present quite a few challenges. In a perfect world, both spouses would be responsible for their own debts and loans that they have taken on their own names. However, we... Read more

Religious Discrimination in A Real Estate Transaction

The United States has highly diverse and multi-cultural societies, but sadly, discrimination is an issue that is still prevalent today in the form of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, amongst others. This prejudice is not only limited to educational institutes or workplace but may also occur during a real estate transaction, especially on the basis of religion. According to National Fair Housing, there were more than 28,000 reported complaints pertaining to housing discrimination in 2016 alone. Religious discrimination happens when a ... Read more

Can I Have Extra Parenting Time Around the Holidays?

There are many aspects such as alimony, property division, amongst others, that need to be addressed when spouses seek dissolution of their marriage. In such situations, the most crucial part of a divorce is determination of child custody. Sadly, the probability of a father getting custody of his child is lower than a mother as evident through the report published by revealing that about 5 of every 6 custodial cases are decided in favor of mothers. A parent with legal custody of a child is given authority to make decisions pertaining... Read more

A Brief Insight to Illinois Real Estate Auctions

Real estate auctions are very common in Illinois. It provides an enticing option for buyers to purchase a property or home due to its fast transaction process and quick efficiency. Real estate auctions are also favorable for sellers who are looking for swift procurement of money to pay certain loan payments or perhaps reinvest in other property or potential ventures. The most common reason behind real estate auctions is foreclosure. A foreclosure is an event where a home owner is unable to pay their mortgage payment and their property is seized... Read more

All You Need to Know About the New Spousal Maintenance Law in Illinois

Marriage and divorce are emotionally difficult events in their own ways. While former is a joyful occasion, latter can be an extremely distressful and traumatic experience for both spouses. However, after separation, it is only fair that they are able to maintain a living standard similar to pre-separation. Unfortunately, most spouses are unable to continue with the same lifestyle due to financial constraints. The common reason behind this limitation is that in many instances, one of them is unable to work full-time due to family obligations or... Read more

How to Sue A Tenant for Damages

As a landlord, you have certain rights. Your tenant is responsible to follow laws and regulation of tenancy. For instance, your tenant should make rental payments on time, abide by agreed terms in rental agreement, and keep your property in a decent condition. However, when these rights are violated and your tenant is not willing to cooperate, you may consider filing a claim against them as a last resort. The common circumstances when such lawsuits arise are when renters’ harm or destroy your property such as holes in walls, damaging the carp... Read more

Who Retains the Possession of Marital Home After Divorce?

A couple may seek a divorce based on irreconcilable differences. In due process, it is imperative for a couple to obtain a financial order from a court in order to settle financial obligations towards each other. One of the most challenging aspects of divorce is property division, especially a marital home. In some instances, divorcing couples mutually agree on terms about the fate of their family home, however, if couples reach to an impasse, then a family court will take decision about ownership of a marital house. A court will decide based u... Read more

3 Signs You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

Most people buy or rent at least one real estate property during their lifetime. While you might be able to find an excellent rental property or get a great deal while purchasing a real estate property, many people require the assistance of an experienced real estate lawyer to resolve any legal complications or requirements pertaining to real estate. From lease documents to tenancy agreements, real estate lawyers perform a wide range of services to ensure that their client’s legal and basic civil rights are protected according to the cons... Read more

Who Pays School Fees After a Divorce?

In the aftermath of divorce, the most grueling question for parents is to decide who gets custody of their child and bears expenses of their education. Under the law, court has the power to decide which parent bears the responsibility of paying the child’s tuition fees. In most instances, the parent who does not have custody but has to pay child support is bound to pay the school fees after a divorce. Most people end up paying for their child’s school fees in an unfair arrangement where their estranged spouse gets a better deal. Therefore, ... Read more