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Real Estate Laws to Know Before Making an Investment

There are many investors seeking to expand their investment portfolio by capitalizing on real estate opportunities. Understanding of how to perform proper due diligence may save investors from legal complications. If you are looking to make an investment in real estate, you can benefit from the services of an experienced real estate lawyer. Here are some legal pointers that might come handy when investing in real estate. Choosing the Right Investment When an individual is planning to invest in a real estate property, they should conduct compreh... Read more

How to deal with Asset Division During Divorce

A divorce can give rise to disagreements and disputes between spouses, ranging from child custody battles to spousal maintenance arguments. One of the main areas which may create an extremely hostile situation is asset division, especially when there are valuable assets involved. If you are planning to part ways from your partner, here are some important tips about asset division during the divorce. Understanding The State’s Property Division Laws Learning about state laws applicable to your divorce case allows you to make better and more inf... Read more

Probate & Trust Litigation: What Should I Take to My Probate Lawyer?

When going to a real estate lawyer for the purpose of probate and trust litigation, most people are actually unaware of what to expect and, most importantly, what necessary documents and information should they bring to their office. Here are some of the important documents that you should take to your lawyer. Previous Will and Testament – The original copy of the final Will approved by the decedent which may include any amendments. In case the deceased dies without leaving a Will (intestate), then the state law will be used to determine the ... Read more

Trusts & Estates: Planning for Kids from Prior Marriages and Current Spouse

Legal matters pertinent to trusts and estates are extremely complex due to the numerous variables that are involved, supplemented by the level of intricacy and technicality involved in it, especially when it comes to estate planning. For instance, an individual may want to leave their property for their children from their prior marriage, but they might want to let their current spouse live in that property for the remainder of his/her life. Such kind of provisions can be made primarily by taking one of these two routes: a Will and a living tr... Read more

Different Types of Trusts

A trust is a right in an asset or a property, which is held in a fiduciary relationship by one entity for the benefit of another. The one who holds the title to the trust property is referred to as a trustee while the person who is entitled to receive benefits is deemed as beneficiary. There are numerous categories of trust, each of which are created for different purposes. Here are some different types of trusts in the United States: Revocable Trusts – Revocable trusts, also known as living trusts, are created during the trust maker’s life... Read more

Estate Planning Guide for Spouses Seeking Legal Separation

Estate planning can be fairly simple when two spouses are happily married and living together, provided that their financials are in order. However, when a couple is seeking to part ways, complexities may arise when planning their estate as there are additional factors that require consideration. Furthermore, if a married couple is opting for a legal separation rather than a divorce, there are certain concerns pertaining to estate planning that must be addressed. Therefore, it can be highly advantageous for your case to procure legal services o... Read more

Real Estate: When the Landlord May Keep the Security Deposit

A security deposit is an advance payment which a tenant makes to a landlord other than the rental amount. It protects the landlord in case a tenant breaks or violates the rental terms or agreement. This amount may help a landlord to recover unpaid rent, utility bills, and pay for fixtures and repairs of the house in case of any structural damages. A landlord has the ability to retain the security deposit in several circumstances depending upon the state laws. In Illinois, these matters are dealt under Security Deposit Return Act in Illinois Co... Read more

Post Decree Modifications

There are many instances where two individuals are not happy together and may seek separation after a marriage; however, there are many aspects pertaining to divorce that they must consider such as alimony, child custody, visiting time, asset division, among others. The court takes all the facts and circumstances into the consideration and issues a final decree. The final verdict remains enforceable even if there are any post-divorce changes in the situation or conditions. Therefore, a change in circumstances may require a modification of the ... Read more

Ownership Disputes Over Real Estate Property

A title establishes legal relationship to the land an individual owns. It gives a person the right to a specific property; these rights may include possession and use of land, easements, mineral and water rights, amongst others. Disagreements over the title of real estate properties are quite common in the United States. There are many instances where two individuals assert their claim over the title of a real estate property, which may lead to a legal dispute between them. What Causes Title Disputes? Disputes can take place due to multiple rea... Read more

Debt Division in A Divorce

In the United States, most spouses owe a significant sum of money in the form of home mortgage, car financing, and credit card loans, amongst others. Nerdwallet suggests that the average American household carries a balance of $15,482 in respect to credit card debt. The debt may seem negligible when couples are enjoying a happy married life, but when marriages fall apart, it can present quite a few challenges. In a perfect world, both spouses would be responsible for their own debts and loans that they have taken on their own names. However, we... Read more