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How Long After Bankruptcy Can I Buy A Home?

If you currently own a home in America, you have fulfilled the American dream. Buying a home is one of the fastest and most effective paths to raise wealth in any country – particularly in the U.S. Buying a house is known as a way to store wealth and a way to provide a home for your family. It is also known as a symbol of being independent and is a secure investment for future growth and stability. House Ownership and Bankruptcy With home ownership comes many problems, such as a large amount of debt. Buying a house becomes particularly c... Read more

Differences Between Guardianship and Power of Attorney

What is a Power Of Attorney? A power of attorney is a legal document that allows an individual or an agent to sign important paperwork in an event where you are unable to do so yourself. In this scenario, you will be legally known as ‘the principal’ and the individual representing you is known as ‘the agent.’ An agent has the authority to sign any documents – medical or financial, on behalf of the principal in case he/she is incapacitated. In Illinois, under The Power of Attorney Act, there are primarily three types of power of at... Read more

Child Support Obligations for an Incarcerated Parent

What is Child Support? A child support is a court order that designates a parent to provide childcare and other related expenses. The court will issue an Order of Support, which makes it obligatory for the other parent to pay the child support expenses as owed. In a scenario where the parent, who has a registered case with IV-D Services, can contact them for assistance in enforcing the child support payment order. Child Support for an Incarcerated Parent The responsibility of a parent to pay child support as ordered by the court will not change... Read more

Can I Do My Own Estate Plan? If So, Do I Want To?

Do-it-Yourself or DIY is well-known to apply to any task or project you start and finish all by yourself. When we say DIY, the first image that pops up in your mind might be of someone visiting a local hardware shop with a few bruises on their fingers buying equipment and supplies to finish their project. Think Before Planning You could easily fix a dripping faucet, change the flooring, repair drywall or wash your own car, but the question is, can you do your own estate planning? Well, yes, but not without concerns. While you can do your own es... Read more

How to Qualify For A Reverse Mortgage On Your Property

Reverse Mortgage:A Chance to Cash in Your Home’s Equity Reverse Mortgage is a loan arrangement in Illinois, where homeowners 62 years of age or older have a chance to get a monthly payment, or a single lump sum payment, if they agree to turn their home equity into cash. A reverse mortgage is a way for seniors to receive earnings in a situation where they have no other income sources. With a reverse mortgage, seniors can keep their homes and finance their monthly expenses when they find it difficult to make ends meet. How to Qualify For a Reve... Read more

Understanding the Merits of an Uncontested Divorce

You decided to marry because you were in love and wished to start a new life together. No couple thinks it will end in divorce. Unfortunately, some couples have to face reality when their marriage is falling apart. If you and your spouse have discussed divorce, either of you may have been served a petition under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act. Merits of an Uncontested Divorce If you believe divorce is the only way out of your marriage, then it’s essential to consider an uncontested divorce for the following merits: Save... Read more

All You Need To Know About Loopholes in a Quitclaim Deed

Buying and selling real estate without the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney in Illinois could land you in hot waters. Real estate attorneys warn people from coming up with their own quitclaim deed in Illinois. People interested in creating their own deed must do so with caution. For those interested in creating the right form of tenancy for the new grantee, it becomes necessary to comprehend multiple types of tenancies. Each tenancy effects ownership rights and a property attorney is the right person to explain the different te... Read more

Changes in Illinois Spousal Maintenance You Should Know About

For many couples, divorce is a difficult decision and it affects every family member. A divorce is not something you can plan for in advance. Over time, couples are engulfed with irreconcilable issues, which force them to put an end to their dysfunctional relationship through legal means and mutual agreement. In the first few months of 2019, we have witnessed significant alterations to the state and federal divorce laws. These changes also have an impact on the Illinois spousal maintenance, also known as alimony or spousal support. Reaching out... Read more

Real Estate Laws to Know Before Making an Investment

There are many investors seeking to expand their investment portfolio by capitalizing on real estate opportunities. Understanding of how to perform proper due diligence may save investors from legal complications. If you are looking to make an investment in real estate, you can benefit from the services of an experienced real estate lawyer. Here are some legal pointers that might come handy when investing in real estate. Choosing the Right Investment When an individual is planning to invest in a real estate property, they should conduct compreh... Read more

How to deal with Asset Division During Divorce

A divorce can give rise to disagreements and disputes between spouses, ranging from child custody battles to spousal maintenance arguments. One of the main areas which may create an extremely hostile situation is asset division, especially when there are valuable assets involved. If you are planning to part ways from your partner, here are some important tips about asset division during the divorce. Understanding The State’s Property Division Laws Learning about state laws applicable to your divorce case allows you to make better and more inf... Read more