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A Brief Insight to Illinois Real Estate Auctions

Real estate auctions are very common in Illinois. It provides an enticing option for buyers to purchase a property or home due to its fast transaction process and quick efficiency. Real estate auctions are also favorable for sellers who are looking for swift procurement of money to pay certain loan payments or perhaps reinvest in other property or potential ventures. The most common reason behind real estate auctions is foreclosure. A foreclosure is an event where a home owner is unable to pay their mortgage payment and their property is seized... Read more

All You Need to Know About the New Spousal Maintenance Law in Illinois

Marriage and divorce are emotionally difficult events in their own ways. While former is a joyful occasion, latter can be an extremely distressful and traumatic experience for both spouses. However, after separation, it is only fair that they are able to maintain a living standard similar to pre-separation. Unfortunately, most spouses are unable to continue with the same lifestyle due to financial constraints. The common reason behind this limitation is that in many instances, one of them is unable to work full-time due to family obligations or... Read more

How to Sue A Tenant for Damages

As a landlord, you have certain rights. Your tenant is responsible to follow laws and regulation of tenancy. For instance, your tenant should make rental payments on time, abide by agreed terms in rental agreement, and keep your property in a decent condition. However, when these rights are violated and your tenant is not willing to cooperate, you may consider filing a claim against them as a last resort. The common circumstances when such lawsuits arise are when renters’ harm or destroy your property such as holes in walls, damaging the carp... Read more

Who Retains the Possession of Marital Home After Divorce?

A couple may seek a divorce based on irreconcilable differences. In due process, it is imperative for a couple to obtain a financial order from a court in order to settle financial obligations towards each other. One of the most challenging aspects of divorce is property division, especially a marital home. In some instances, divorcing couples mutually agree on terms about the fate of their family home, however, if couples reach to an impasse, then a family court will take decision about ownership of a marital house. A court will decide based u... Read more

3 Signs You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

Most people buy or rent at least one real estate property during their lifetime. While you might be able to find an excellent rental property or get a great deal while purchasing a real estate property, many people require the assistance of an experienced real estate lawyer to resolve any legal complications or requirements pertaining to real estate. From lease documents to tenancy agreements, real estate lawyers perform a wide range of services to ensure that their client’s legal and basic civil rights are protected according to the cons... Read more

Who Pays School Fees After a Divorce?

In the aftermath of divorce, the most grueling question for parents is to decide who gets custody of their child and bears expenses of their education. Under the law, court has the power to decide which parent bears the responsibility of paying the child’s tuition fees. In most instances, the parent who does not have custody but has to pay child support is bound to pay the school fees after a divorce. Most people end up paying for their child’s school fees in an unfair arrangement where their estranged spouse gets a better deal. Therefore, ... Read more

Common Legal Issues Regarding Commercial Real Estate Transactions

An investment in commercial real estate can be very lucrative and tempting, however, these transactions contain high risk due to the sheer amount of money at stake. In the US, around $76.58 billion worth of commercial buildings were constructed in 2016 alone. There are several legal issues involved in the sale or purchase of commercial property, which makes these transactions extremely complex and troublesome. Accurate Property Valuation The valuation of a commercial real estate property comes with unique challenges as there is no exact compari... Read more

Common Mistakes made by Parents during Child Custody Battles

Child custody is one of the most important issues that arise after a married couple decides to get a divorce. In most cases, both of the parents want to have the child live with them full time. There are thousands of couples who fight in a child custody battle every year in courts. The process is not only distressful for the child but also puts the child under immense pressure and suffering, Due to this dilemma, many couples try to work things out and do not opt for divorce. However, in some instances, it is almost impossible to live together, ... Read more

Estate Planning –Setting Your Affairs in Order

The average lifespan of a human being in the United States is around 78 years. Some die before they turn 78 while many are lucky enough to live longer. Preparing for an eventuality such as death is quite a practical and reasonable thing to do. While one may find it difficult to mentally prepare him/her self for his/her own demise, deciding what happens to your material belongings once you leave this mortal world is relatively easier. Across our lifetimes, we all collect and accumulate certain amount of assets and valuables which we will ultimat... Read more

Understanding Parenting Time

Divorce, often unavoidable, tears families apart. It takes the heaviest toll on the children involved as parents are engrossed in custody battles. During cases pertaining to child custody, the court decides who gains custody of the kids and defines parenting time, also referred to as visitation. Primarily, parenting time refers to the time the children can spend with the non-custodial parent. The courts go to great lengths to ensure that parenting time is in the child’s best interests. Under the law, courts can deny parenting time to a pa... Read more