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What are Grandparent Rights in Illinois?

Grandparents are an important part of a family, and love their grandchildren as they love their own children. They provide affection, love, attention, and advice to their grandchildren that contributes to raising them to be good, responsible adults. However, if parents get divorced or the relationship between parents and grandparents is severed for any reason whatsoever, grandparents are given limited legal rights to visitation in Illinois. Certain circumstances arise when a child cannot live with one or both parents and courts turn to non-pare... Read more

When Collaborative Divorce is the Right Choice

Divorce is a complex and emotionally distressing process that can have lasting effects on your mental health, emotions, finances, relationships with family members, and children’s psyches. Situations become worse when you go through a contested divorce and your ex-spouse starts tossing accusations and insults to shake your position and secure a better deal for themselves. In most litigated divorces, the needs and emotional wellbeing of children are overlooked, leading to lifelong scars of the separation of the parents and absence of their lov... Read more

Common Property Title Issues: How can an Attorney Help you?

Whether you are a first-time buyer or have been involved in several real estate transactions, it is essential you are aware of different kinds of issues that can arise during the process. In most cases, disputes occur pertaining the title of a property that can lead to headaches and delays in resolving the matter before closing. If not pursued with diligence, these issues can become a source of liability for you, as there may be several legal implications associated with it. It is best to work with an experienced real estate attorney who can th... Read more

Looking at Evictions from the Tenant’s Perspective

If you think that you will be evicted from the rental property soon, you should know that your landlord is required by the law to go through a proper legal procedure. Tenants have certain rights that they can exercise in order to protect themselves from unlawful eviction. It is important that you have a good understanding of the eviction procedure and know your rights in order to respond to the eviction notice in the right way. Find out the Reason for Eviction There can be several reasons for your eviction in case of a lease agreement, such as ... Read more

What You Should Know About Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity in Illinois

Whether you are married, in an unmarried relationship, going through a divorce, or share a child with your ex-spouse after getting re-married, it is important for you as a father to establish paternity. This legal process is necessary as it protects your child’s rights, as well as your rights as their father. Without establishing paternity, your privileges and rights as a parent may be at stake. Moreover, your child may not be able to reap medical, monetary, and inheritance benefits that they may avail as your next of kin. Understanding Volun... Read more

New Changes to Illinois Child Support Law

If you are a parent going through a legal separation or divorce, you need to understand how a child support order may affect you in the future. Generally, a parent having the custody of the child(ren) receives regular payments from the non-custodial parent to help with their upbringing. In Illinois, previously child support calculations are based on a set formula that is based on two primary factors: The number of children The net income of the paying spouse or supporting parent   Courts also used to consider several other factors, but t... Read more

How an Attorney Can Help Avoid Real Estate Scams

Unfortunately, real estate fraud continues to prevail in the United States with scam artists using new ways to rob homebuyers and sellers of their property and money. People planning to or engaged in a real estate deal must be careful, and make sure that all parties involved are legit to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Real estate scams are generally subtle and it is difficult for an inexperienced person to spot whether they are being scammed or not. Involving an experienced real estate attorney is always a good idea to protect yourself from ... Read more

Property Disputes Between Neighbors in Illinois

Most people try to be good neighbors and tend to ignore small issues that may arise every now and then. However, some people, intentionally or unintentionally, breach into their neighbor’s property line by constructing a structure, like a home extension or a fence, which results in a property dispute. While there are ways to resolve this problem, for example getting a land survey, people tend to take the issue to court to determine who actually owns the part of the property. Defining Property Lines and Boundaries Essentially, the lines on the... Read more

New Changes to Illinois Divorce Law

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) underwent drastic changes, and were put into effect on January 1, 2016. The new statutes have changed the way divorce and related matters in family law cases used to be handled. The alterations in the IMDMA were made by taking into account the changes occurred in society and families over the passage of time. Here we have discussed the major changes and how they affect the divorce process in Illinois: Grounds for Divorce Before the IMDMA was modified, couples can file for divorce bas... Read more

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Prenuptial Agreements in Illinois

A prenuptial agreement is a set of provisions, detailing out how they will deal with the division of property, debts, and other financial issues in case they decide to dissolve their marriage later on. It goes into effect after the couple is married. Nowadays, more and more couples are going for prenuptial agreements as compared to couples from a decade ago. A prenup no longer serves as a means of protection for the rich, as they are being used by couples belonging to different income brackets protect their separate property in the event of div... Read more