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What is the Legal Action for Missed Child Support Payments?

Divorced couples that contest for child custody can have themselves quarreling over child support. A parent can claim that the other is being unfair, which is why there are strict laws all over the United States which regulate the payment and collection of child support. Here is how the parent should proceed in case they haven’t received the child support amount. Must be Legally Bound The United States Law clearly states that for the legal enforcement of child support payments, there must be a court issued child support award for the parent. ... Read more

How to Proceed if You Want Someone Out of Your House

There are certain people who have a tendency of overstaying their welcome. It may be a friend, a co-worker or even a family member. People allow other people into their homes in goodwill to help them out with a financial problem. Extending a helping hand to someone in need can sometimes result in the person grabbing onto it for an uncomfortably long time. The following information will only apply to people who have not leased the house with you, like a room-mate. In that case, no matter how annoyed you are by your room-mate, you will have to ma... Read more

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Landlord in Illinois

Successful landlords and property managers in Illinois know the importance of having up-to-date knowledge of landlord-tenant laws. By knowing their rights and responsibilities, landlords are able to avoid any potential mistakes that may land them in court, and require them to spend a great deal of money and time defending themselves against tenant lawsuits and disputes. The Rights of a Landlord Choosing a Tenant: You have the right to select a tenant based on their rental history, credit references, credit checks, guarantees, income informatio... Read more

What Are the Different Types of Child Custody in Illinois?

One of the most contentious issues in a divorce is which spouse will get to keep the children and get the rights for making their life decisions. Most parents have a general idea about this legal issue, but don’t know about the different types of child custody. It is essential for parents or guardians to have this knowledge so that they are able to find a better, more workable solution for the parenting agreement, which may save a lot of time, energy, stress, and money. The Types of Child Custody 1. Physical Custody This is the type of custod... Read more

Domestic Violence and Divorce: What you Need to Know

Domestic violence is a widespread issue that impacts the lives of more than 4 million Americans every single day. While most people associate domestic violence with women only, a growing number of children and men are victims as well. In the United States, domestic violence takes place in at least two-thirds of marriages, in which women are the victims in 95% of the cases. Most people want to get out of an abusive relationship, but they put off the thought because of fear, anxiety, and concerns for their family. However, it is essential for eve... Read more

Choosing the Right Way for Vesting Ownership

The way you choose to take ownership of a property plays a crucial role in several aspects during and after a real estate transaction. The vesting of title determines who will sign different documents related to the property and future rights of the owner. The matters involving such rights include income taxes, property taxes, gift taxes, inheritance, exposure to creditor’s claims, and transferability of title. It is imperative that you get legal assistance of an experienced real estate attorney to determine which method of vesting title... Read more

Purchasing a Home? Know When It’s Wise to Involve a Real Estate Attorney

Purchasing a home is an exciting process, but it is also a complex transaction, which can get a bit nerve-wracking for buyers. When making this important decision, you may require the help of a real estate attorney, because a lot of legal issues can arise before and after the real estate transaction. They may include issues in disclosure agreements, potential title defects, taxes, discrepancy in purchase contracts, zoning problems, and others. Situations When to Hire a Real Estate Attorney It is imperative that you know the situations where hav... Read more

The Quickest Way to Settle a Divorce in Illinois

The timeframe for settling a divorce depends on two things: how you want to proceed with the divorce and the degree of disagreement on key issues. The former refers to whether you want to have a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce, while the latter is related to issues including property division, child support, spousal maintenance, assignment of parental responsibilities, and others. How to Get Divorced Quickly If you decide to go with a contested divorce, it will take a lot of time, not to mention the exorbitant amount of money and em... Read more

Understanding the Different Aspects of Paternity

The social and legal determination between a father and his child to prove the parental relationship is known as paternity. The father has a duty to protect and support his child. Paternity doesn’t only apply to married couples; it can exist outside the marriage as well. Moreover, it can exist by natural birth, assisted reproduction, or adoption. In any case, the responsibilities of the father towards his child remain the same. According to common law, the husband is presumed to be the father of the child born in a marriage, which in a m... Read more

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Tenant

Several Illinois laws provide legal protection to tenants against unfair practices of landlords. If you are renting an apartment or house, it is essential that you are familiar with the law and specific terms and conditions of your rental contract, so that you can avoid issues with the landlord during or at the end of the lease. Get Everything in Writing Before you can sign the rental contract, it is imperative that you get a written lease and thoroughly read it. This is an agreement that indicates the amount of the rent, information about the ... Read more