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Most people buy or rent at least one real estate property during their lifetime. While you might be able to find an excellent rental property or get a great deal while purchasing a real estate property, many people require the assistance of an experienced real estate lawyer to resolve any legal complications or requirements pertaining to real estate. From lease documents to tenancy agreements, real estate lawyers perform a wide range of services to ensure that their client’s legal and basic civil rights are protected according to the constitution. Some of the situations where you might need an experienced and proficient real estate lawyer are mentioned below:

#1 Sale or purchase of a real estate property
Selling or purchasing a real estate property is a significant undertaking in any person’s life regardless of their financial status. It involves the transfer of a significant amount of money and a lot of legal formalities, such as sale deeds and transfer of deeds agreement. In some instances, where the buyer indulges in renovation, a real estate lawyer can help them procure the required building and renovation permits. Furthermore, in order to ensure that the entire process is carried out in legal and streamlined manner, you should acquire the services of an experienced real estate lawyer.

#2 Tenancy Conflict
While it is advised to consult a real estate lawyer while entering a tenancy agreement, most people don’t. Often, mistakes made during the drafting of tenancy agreements lead to miscommunication and confusion which create conflicts between tenants and the landlords. Regardless of whether you are the owner of the property or the person renting it, you would require the services of a proficient and reputable real estate lawyer to protect your rights during a conflict and help you find a way out of it.

#3 Foreclosure
If you took a loan by mortgaging your property and missed on a couple of payments, you might face the threat of foreclosure. You can either avoid it by opting for a short sale or you could defend yourself against the foreclosure by going to court. In both cases, a capable real estate lawyer can help you defend yourself from foreclosure proceedings and save your valuable real estate property from being auctioned.

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