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Real estate attorneys are essential for helping your represent your interests in court to make the best possible case. Whether you find yourself becoming a victim of fraudulent real estate practices or need assistance in investing in good property, your real estate attorney can provide you with the legal and professional counsel.

It is important for you to ensure you work with a real estate attorney whom you trust. Your real estate attorney will enter into a partnership with you, and your trust and confidence will be the key to making this relationship work fully.

The following are 4 things you need to take into account before seeking the services of a real estate attorney.

  1. Amount of professional experience

In the field of law, experience is perhaps the most defining attribute you need to look for. The logic is that the more experience an attorney has under their belt, the more aware they are and have knowledge of the various cases and proceedings that cause a case to become a success or a failure.

Their considerable years of experience will most importantly be an advantage for very complicated cases, requiring considerable persuasion and negotiation skills to convince the court to give way to your demands. If they have the necessary experience you can be rest assured that they will be in a key position to represent your case with integrity and confidence.

  1. Experience handling similar cases

While experience is important, the experience in handling cases similar to yours should also be sought. An attorney can be practicing law for many years, but if they have not worked on cases similar to yours, they may not possess the know-how and requirements in making a good case.

  1. Costs of services

Seeking professional help from a trained attorney can be costly. This is why it is essential that you determine exactly the amount your attorney will charge before entering into any kind of signed contract. Ask your attorney for upfront costs as well as their rate, which could be levied on an hourly, monthly or flat fee basis.

  1. Plan of action

Your attorney should also have a good plan of action on how he or she intends to resolve your case. This does not necessarily have to be a 10 page document; rather, it needs to be a brief outline of the steps involved in representing your case. If your attorney does not have such an outline of steps, consider this a litmus test for a bad attorney.

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5 Responses to “4 things you should consider before hiring a real estate attorney”

  1. Jen Pack

    My husband and I have decided that we should hire a real estate attorney, so I really appreciate this information on how to choose the best one. I like the idea you give of finding someone who has a plan of action that is easy to follow and is realistic. I think it would also be wise to find someone who has good reviews from former clients.

  2. Dennis Sanchez

    You mentioned that you should look for a real estate lawyer that has a lot of experience handling similar cases to yours. My sister is in the process of buying a home and a real estate agent might be necessary to help the process go smoothly. Having that experienced lawyer, who is super familiar with the specifics of the law could go a long way in helping.

  3. Tyler Meredith

    Your recommendation to consider the experience of the lawyer is very interesting to me. It makes sense that you’d want to hire a lawyer that has a lot of professional experience in the housing industry. Hiring an experienced lawyer could help prevent and solve problems that would otherwise complicate things which could potentially cause the deal to fall through. Thanks for the post; these tips will be very helpful!

  4. rachel frampton

    My husband would like to buy a commercial building this year, which is why he’s currently looking for a real estate lawyer that may help him with contracts and tax preparations. Well, I guess you’re also right that he must consider her prospective lawyer’s years of experience. Thank you for sharing here as well the importance of asking the professional regarding his costs and rates.


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