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Modifying Parenting Time In Illinois After A Divorce

With time, your child’s needs and your family circumstances will change post-divorce. You might move, change jobs with a different work schedule, your child may move to a different school, etc. Maybe your ex isn’t following the parenting time order as well as you are and compromising the best interests of your child. In such cases, modifying the parenting time order may be in your and your child’s best interest. According to Section 750 ILCS 5.602.10 of the Illinois Parenting Plan law, the parenting schedule is determined by the Parentin... Read more

Frequently Asked Questions About Illinois Alimony Laws

Divorce can be a blessing in disguise for abused spouses. With a court ordered alimony, they can have a fresh start in life without worrying about finances. Also known as spousal maintenance, the amount they receive depends on their needs and the ability of their ex-spouse to pay for them. Here are some frequently asked questions about this process that you should know if you live in Illinois. Can Husbands Get Alimony? Yes, they can. The Illinois maintenance status is gender neutral. While wives are usually the main recipients, a growing number... Read more

Changes in Circumstances That Can Call for Post-Decree Modifications

Even though divorce decrees in Illinois are considered final when they are presented to the court, you can request modifications in case of changes in circumstances. Here are some of those circumstances, which can make court intervention necessary. Change in Life Circumstances for the Parent or the Child A child – and even a parent can react adversely to a drastic life change, whether custodial or otherwise. In some cases, the reaction can be serious enough to warrant a change in the custody arrangement post-divorce. Some changes in circu... Read more

Can Children of a Divorced Couple Be Kidnapped by Their Own Parents?

As a parent, imagine this scenario: Your ex, who does not have visitation rights with your children, picks up the kids from school or day care without your knowledge and disappears with them. Some ex-spouses may do this to hurt the other parent or from a sincere desire to spend more with their kids. However, whatever the case, they are kidnapping your children and thus, breaking the law. Illinois Law Pertaining to Parental Kidnapping Parental kidnapping is a crime that falls under Illinois’s child abduction laws. A parent who abducts his/her ... Read more

The Process and Cost of Filing for Bankruptcy in Illinois

If you are living hand to mouth, even though you have your own business in Elgin, Illinois, filing for bankruptcy can relieve you of your burden. However, the decision to do so should only be made if it is the best course of action, which includes resolving your financial issues. While it can give you a fresh start, it is a legal procedure and it does not exempt you from child or other domestic support obligations. On the other hand, by filing for bankruptcy, you can stop your creditors in their tracks until all your other debt is taken care of... Read more

Illinois Landlord/Tenant Rights You Need to Know

According to the Illinois Landlord and Tenant Act, both have rights, which can ensure they are legally protected in case of a dispute. If you think yours are being violated – either as a landlord or tenant, go through this list first before filing a lawsuit: Rights and Responsibilities of Tenants If you are living as a tenant in Elgin, Illinois, you should: Pay rent on time and ensure the unit you are renting is kept clean and undamaged Take care of any damages it sustains while you are staying there Pay the utility bill on time if you are r... Read more

What You Need to Know About the Illinois Power of Attorney Act

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your estate and assets if you become incapacitated or you pass away? Can you say for sure your estate and assets will go to your loved ones or family members? A power of attorney can prove invaluable – especially if you plan on making a will. He/she can ensure the items mentioned in your will legally go to designated members or loved ones. What Is a Power of Attorney? According to the Illinois Power of Attorney Act, a power of attorney is an individual you assign as your representative to manage... Read more

How Property Is Divided During a Divorce in Illinois

A divorce can be a messy and heartbreaking event. Naturally, the last thing on your mind is who gets to keep what. This is where a court of law will step in. This can be a good or a bad decision – depending on your contributions, but an experienced divorce attorney can make sure you get what is rightfully yours. How Are Assets Split During a Divorce? Under Illinois laws, ‘property’ includes financial assets such as brokerage accounts, investments and physical assets such as properties. Before the judge reaches a verdict as to how thos... Read more

Determining Parenting Time and Responsibilities in Illinois

Divorce can take a toll on the entire family, but the children are the real victims during a divorce. However, a well-maintained parenting plan can give them the emotional stability need to accept their situation in a healthy manner. Simply put, a parenting plan is a document divorcing parents must draft to determine who will make decisions for the children and how they are to be implemented. This is what is determined in a parental responsibilities case (the term ‘custody’ case is no longer used in Illinois). Some of the things that should... Read more

What You Need to Know About the Probate Process in Illinois

Whether you draft a will or not before you pass away in Elgin, Illinois, your estate will go through probate afterward. Usually, it is supposed to be distributed through a will, but if you fail to make one before your death, the state will decide how it should be distributed. Basically, the process decides whether all valid taxes and debts were paid or not by the deceased and clarifies who inherits their properties. What Goes Into the Probate Process? If you don’t have an executor, a court appointed executor will handle the process. Here are ... Read more