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There are many aspects such as alimony, property division, amongst others, that need to be addressed when spouses seek dissolution of their marriage. In such situations, the most crucial part of a divorce is determination of child custody. Sadly, the probability of a father getting custody of his child is lower than a mother as evident through the report published by revealing that about 5 of every 6 custodial cases are decided in favor of mothers.

A parent with legal custody of a child is given authority to make decisions pertaining to child’s schooling, upbringing, religion, and medical care. In some cases, court also awards joint legal custody to spouses if deemed appropriate. However, when a child’s custody is awarded to one spouse only, visitation hours are also decided for the other spouse. Visitation hours, also known as parenting time, is devised to distribute time spent between spouses with the child in an effective and fair manner.

Can I Have Extra Parenting Time Around the Holidays?

Generally, a schedule of parenting time is negotiated by spouses during their divorce arrangement. These visits are called scheduled visits and ensure that there is no confusion or conflict over visitation hours between spouses in the future. The flexibility of the time period depends upon mutual understanding and the post-divorce relationship between both spouses, amongst other factors.

A court may recommend a different visitation schedule depending upon state laws and considering facts and circumstances associated with a case. Normally, parents rotate holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, and July 4th, to name a few. However, spouses can also formulate parenting time per their own discretion by coming to a mutual agreement.

The process of deciding parenting time is more simplified if spouses are on talking terms and ended their marriage on a mild note. Thus, those parents who can be flexible and co-operative towards each other are able to put the children’s needs first and help them build blissful and pleasant memories. However, it can be quite problematic if parents are not on good terms with each other and cannot put their differences aside, as they may not be open to an arrangement where another spouse may enjoy extra parenting time during holidays. Therefore, it is always advisable to settle these issues during the divorce process by hiring a competent divorce lawyer.

If you happen to be in a position where you are seeking extra parenting time around the holidays, but your ex-spouse is not permitting such an arrangement, it can be highly beneficial for your case to obtain assistance of an experienced divorce lawyer.

A skillful divorce lawyer is updated with every legal aspect pertaining to your case, which allows them to defend your rights. Using their vast knowledge and experience, your attorney may help you to find a way to grant you some extra parenting time around the holidays.

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