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Even though divorce decrees in Illinois are considered final when they are presented to the court, you can request modifications in case of changes in circumstances. Here are some of those circumstances, which can make court intervention necessary.

Change in Life Circumstances for the Parent or the Child

A child – and even a parent can react adversely to a drastic life change, whether custodial or otherwise. In some cases, the reaction can be serious enough to warrant a change in the custody arrangement post-divorce. Some changes in circumstances that can result in decree modifications include the following:

  • The custodial parent is disabled because of an illness or injury, rendering him/her incapable of retaining custody of the children. In this case, a custody modification may be granted to protect the children’s best interests.
  • The child becomes disabled because of an injury or suffers from a serious medical condition. In this case, the court may allow a decree modification to ensure the child remains with a parent who can take care of him/her.
  • Either one of the parents suffers from a substantial decrease in income or loses their job, which prevents them from fulfilling financial obligations to their children.
  • Either parent gets a new job, which pays a higher salary due to a promotion or job change than they previously received prior to their divorce.
  • If the custodial parent remarries after the divorce and has children with their new spouse. These changes in family dynamics can persuade the court to grant custody modifications. In this case, spousal maintenance will also be stopped.

If the disputing parents are unable to come to agreeable terms regarding post-decree modifications, their case usually goes to trial. At that point, the changes are finalized, according to the judge’s decision. In many cases, the court may even decide to prevent changes altogether. Increase your chances of a favorable decision by getting in touch with an experienced family attorney in Elgin, Illinois.

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