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If you are getting divorced or decide not to live with your child’s other parent, the Illinois courts require you to determine how to divide parenting time and custody of your child. No longer do courts presume that a child should automatically live with their mother as a meaningful with both parents is favored by the courts whenever possible. At the Casement Group, our skilled child custody attorney can help you obtain the child custody arrangement that is best for you and your child, so please call for help today.

Types Of Child Custody In Illinois

It is important to understand that Illinois law no longer uses the term “custody,” instead replacing it with “parental responsibilities” and “parenting time.” However, the effects still mimic those of child custody. Indeed, there are different type of custody/forms of parental responsibilities in Illinois, including the following:

  • Physical– Where the child primarily lives and how often they spend time with the other parent;
  • Legal– Who can make important decisions for the child, including for medical care, education, religion, and more;
  • Sole– One parent has the exclusive right to physical and/or legal responsibilities;
  • Joint– Both parents share time physically spent with the child or the authority to make important decisions for the child.

Ways To Resolve Parenting Time Disputes

Working together to agree on a parenting time arrangement can only help to encourage cooperative parenting in the future. On the other hand, contention and accusations to try to increase parental rights can result in bitterness and resentment between you and the other parent for months or years to come. In addition, if you agree on a parenting plan on your own, the court will simply have to review and approve it and you may be able to avoid court proceedings altogether.

While agreeing on a parenting time schedule can save you time, money, and future discord, many parents do not have the same ideas when it comes to sharing time and decision-making rights. However, it is important to realize that simply because you do not automatically agree does not mean that agreement may not be possible. At the Casement Group, P.C., we explore options including negotiation and mediation to help you agree and avoid litigation whenever possible.

Protecting The Best Interests Of Your Child

If you cannot agree and your case goes to trial, the law requires the court to make a decision about parenting time arrangements based on what it believes is in the best interests of your child. We can help you present a strong case that spending time with you is in the child’s best interests in order to preserve your rights whenever possible.

Call An Experienced Kane & DeKalb County Child Custody And Parenting Time Attorney For Help

If you are facing a family law case or would like help enforcing or modifying an existing parenting plan, our experienced lawyer at the Casement Group is here to help you. We work to help preserve the relationship between you and your child while facilitating a resolution in the most agreeable and efficient way possible. If you need help with a family law case, please call our office in Elgin at (847) 888-9300 for a consultation today.