Child Support

Child Support Lawyer in Elgin IL

Every parent in Illinois has the legal responsibility to provide financial support for their child. This is true even if your child does not live with you. For this reason, child support is a very important issue in most family law cases involving children, such as a divorce, paternity, or child custody determination. At the Casement Group, our child support attorney is committed to helping parents in and around Elgin obtain fair and reasonable child support orders. We help parents throughout Kane County & DeKalb counties and the greater Chicago area, so please call today for more information regarding our family law services.

Ensuring Your Child Support Determination Is Fair

Illinois law sets out specific guidelines for child support determinations based on a parent’s income and the number of children they have, among other factors. Courts are expected to follow these guidelines and the court does not have wide discretion when awarding child support to one parent. Because the rules are specific, you may believe that all resulting child support orders are fair. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and one parent may need to challenge the amount set out under the law.

If you are the parent with primary visitation rights, you want to make sure you have enough to adequately provide for your child’s basic needs and expenses. If you are the paying parent, you want to ensure that the child support order is not so high that you can no longer cover your own basic expenses. Our experienced child support lawyer will review your determination and fight for your rights to a fair and reasonable order based on your circumstances.

Seeking a Child Support Modification

Even if a child support order was fair and appropriate at the time it was issued, your circumstances may have changed and the order may no longer be feasible. In such a situation, you may want to seek a modification of the order from the court that oversaw your initial case. Some common reasons for seeking a modification can include:

  • Disability, injury, or serious illness;
  • Long-term decrease in earning potential;
  • A raise, promotion, new job, or another reason for increased assets of either the paying or receiving parent;
  • Serious health issues or increased expenses of the child;

If you have experienced any substantial change in circumstances and believe you deserve a modification, we can help you.

Enforcing Child Support Orders In Illinois

If you deserve to receive payments under an existing child support order and the other parent refuses to pay, there are numerous ways to enforce the child support order in Illinois. At the Casement Group, P.C., we will help you explore your options so that you can begin receiving the payments you and your child deserve as soon as possible.

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