Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Elgin IL

Real estate is often an extremely important part of owning a business. Whether you are a commercial landlord, own your own office building, or rent office space, commercial real estate can either help or threaten the success of your business. At Casement Group, our commercial real estate attorney helps business owners in and around the Elgin area handle many different types of legal matters involving real estate. If you would like to discuss a potential case, please do not hesitate to contact our office today.

Providing Guidance For Commercial Real Estate Transactions

There is generally a substantial sum of money at stake in a commercial real estate transaction. Whether the deal involves a single building or a large-scale commercial development, the success of your entire business may be on the line. Real estate contracts can be extremely complex and you want an experienced attorney to thoroughly review every contract before you sign anything. We can also help to facilitate a successful closing and address any issues that may arise during the process.

Having an attorney review any commercial lease agreements is also extremely important, as leases can include many clauses that may be unfavorable for your business. Our experienced commercial real estate lawyer can closely review your commercial lease to look for any provisions that may need to be negotiated, changed, added, or removed in order to best protect your legal rights.

Handling Commercial Real Estate Litigation

In addition to helping with successful transactions, we also assist with resolving any commercial real estate disputes that may come up. Disputes can occur for many reasons and we commonly help people facing the following and more:

A commercial real estate dispute can have many costly consequences if it is not handled correctly and in a timely manner. Our law firm will explore every possible avenue for resolving your dispute including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation if necessary. We have the resources to represent businesses of any size that may be commercial purchasers, sellers, developers, landlords, or tenants.

We help businesses with real estate matters throughout Kane, DeKalb & surrounding counties.

Discuss How An Illinois Commercial Real Estate Attorney Can Help You

Many people are unaware of the wide variety of legal issues that may arise involving commercial real estate. These transactions and disputes can involve different legal issues than residential real estate matters, so you want to be sure you have legal assistance from an attorney with specific knowledge and experience in commercial real estate law. At Casement Group, we have helped many business owners negotiate commercial real estate transactions and ensure they comply with Illinois law. If you are facing any type of commercial real estate matter, call our Elgin, Illinois office today at (847) 888-9300 for assistance.