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Real estate disputes can occur in a variety of situations, especially in the state of Illinois. You should seek advice from an experienced real estate attorney to resolve these disputes. However, learning more about the common causes of these disputes ensures that you can make the right choices and avoid problems when buying or selling real estate properties. Here are a few common causes of real estate disputes:

Bad Repairs

A common practice in closing real estate deals is that the buyer asks the seller to make some specific repairs on the property. At times, the buyer finds out that the repairs that the seller had promised them in the deal are either not made altogether or are insignificant. This creates a dispute which can be resolved by reviewing the correspondence between the involved parties. An experienced real estate layer in Illinois can help you resolve this issue, whether you are a buyer or a seller.


Bad communication is a primary reason for most real estate disputes. Failure to communicate about an important aspect of a property may turn into a strong dispute where you will need to seek experienced legal representation. Another communication problem occurs when an issue is present, but the involved parties fail to give it the due attention that it needs. Since the issue is not addressed at the right time, it turns into a serious problem and often jeopardizes a real estate contract. It may be the right option to use a real estate attorney to ensure that a real estate deal is carried out in a compliant and reliable manner.

New Problems

It is common that a buyer finds new problems on the property once they move in. Normally, these problems are disclosed once the buying process is completed, and the inspection carried out during the negotiation can be used in resolving such disputes. Once such a dispute is raised by the buyer, there is a need for a careful review of all legal documents. You must obtain representation from a skilled real estate lawyer in Illinois to ensure that such a dispute is resolved.

Undisclosed property problems are easier to resolve if the condition is already described in the legal documentation at the time of closure. New problems may be about a particular element on the property or be about an undisclosed documentation issue that may require the use of monetary assets by the buyer.

Cancelling the Contract

An important cause of a real estate dispute occurs when one party attempts to cancel the buying contract due to any reason, once it is signed. It is a breach of contract and often leads to a lawsuit. A real estate lawyer can help you in this regard. The choice of canceling a contract may often occur due to a serious problem. With the right legal presentation, such a problem can be easily identified, communicated, with a typical solution practiced to resolve the issue.

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