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Child custody is one of the most important issues that arise after a married couple decides to get a divorce. In most cases, both of the parents want to have the child live with them full time. There are thousands of couples who fight in a child custody battle every year in courts.

The process is not only distressful for the child but also puts the child under immense pressure and suffering, Due to this dilemma, many couples try to work things out and do not opt for divorce. However, in some instances, it is almost impossible to live together, making it the only possible option.

Factors that affect a child custody case

Liaising with Illinois laws, the court takes many factors into consideration while deciding the verdict of a child custody case. The parents’ wishes and child’s preference takes precedence over other factors.

Moreover, the relationship of the child with both parents is assessed to conclude which parent will be a better candidate to have custody. There are many other circumstantial factors like a child’s school, parents background, etc., which are taken into account before finalizing a verdict.

Mistakes that can weaken the case of a parent

Firstly, if you do not want to completely destroy your chances to gain custody of your child, then you should avoid getting arrested while the case is in court. Especially if the nature of the crime is violent, even a non-convicted crime can ruin any chances of you receiving custody of your child.

The opposite party may claim that you have anger management issues and a violent streak, which can limit your interaction with your child to only supervised custodial visits. This may seem very improbable, but a simple DUI can be detrimental to your case.

Secondly, it is not very uncommon to vent your frustration and anger on the social media, especially after a divorce that ended in a bitter taste. Most couples dish out their rage on the other parents by posting inappropriate content and boast about their new single life to seek vengeance on each other.

However, social media is open to everyone in the public and any message or photos that are posted on the internet can easily be assessed by the opposing attorney to weaken your case. For instance, the photo you took while intoxicated can make you look irresponsible and irrational. Moreover, any post containing hate speech against the other parent can also be used in the court against you.

Therefore, you might want to consider removing all of the content which can put you in a bad light and might as well deactivate your accounts for a few weeks if you think that your social media profiles can sabotage your case.

Refusing to Reasonably Communicate and Co-Parent with the Other Party

Finally, several parents do not reasonably communicate with each other. If parents do not come to terms with a joint custody agreement, then the other parent may be provided with the sole decision-making authority of the child.

The judge may conclude that your refusal to communicate with another parent as an inappropriate behavior, which poses a threat to the decision-making pertaining to the child in the future. Therefore, it is vital that you present yourself as a reasonable and rational person who is willing to co-operate for the well-being of the child.

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