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Closing the deal can be a stressful and difficult part of your real estate transaction. To ensure a smooth process, it is a good idea to organize all the important documents before listing your home. While having an impressive home is definitely a huge plus, buyers are always inclined towards reviewing original documentation before thinking about finalizing the deal. Here we have made a list of documents that you should have on hand to ensure a hassle-free transaction.

Organizing Key Documentation Before Putting Your Home Up For Sale

It is better to make files of relevant documents for the sake of organization, so that it is easy for you to determine where the required documents can be found at the time of real estate transaction.

  • Records pertaining to your homeowners’ insurance
  • Financing and mortgage documents
  • The original sales contract having the purchase price of your house
  • Any home inspection reports that may have been done before the house was put up for sale
  • Title and ownership documents, including certificate of occupancy, property survey, certificates indicating compliance with building and zoning codes, and others
  • Manuals and warranty information
  • Tax records that the buyer may ask you to present, such as school, real estate, and other tax information
  • Home maintenance and repair records
  • Documentation and receipts of any renovations or improvements made to the house, like revamping the kitchen, adding new bathrooms, etc.
  • Records of the professional appraisal that was done at the time you bought the house
  • If you are a part of a homeowners’ association, gather all related documents like CC&Rs, etc.
  • Details of real estate agents you are willing to work with
  • Details about the builder and related documents, if your house is newly built


What You Will Need After Signing A Listing Agreement

After you have signed a listing agreement to sell your house, you may work with your real estate agent to discuss any other legal documentation and paperwork that will be required during the home selling process. These may include:

  • Documentation for your lawyer
  • Documentation for your tax professional
  • A file for your agent having the written communications, listing agreement, and other paperwork
  • Details on other professionals involved in the home selling process, such as auction houses, movers, electricians, contractors, stagers, plumbers, and others.
  • All disclosure agreements
  • Listing sheets, marketing materials, and ads regarding your house sale
  • A list of final prices of comparable houses
  • Paperwork related to title insurance and other documents that may be required for the closing
  • All the purchase offers by prospective buyers
  • Documents regarding inspection, buyers’ removal of financial, and other contingencies.


This is still an incomplete list of documentation and paperwork involved in a real estate transaction, but your agent will help you get everything organized. Moreover, you may also need an experienced real estate attorney to handle the legal aspects of your home selling process. In such a case, you should contact Casement Group, P.C. today at (847) 888-9300 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your needs.