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Landlord/Tenant Lawyers in Elgin IL

The legal relationship between a landlord and a tenant can be extremely important. Landlords depend on tenants for rental income and tenants depend on landlords for a roof over their heads or a place to run their business. If a dispute arises between a landlord and tenant, it can have serious and costly repercussions. For this reason, you should always seek assistance from an experienced Illinois landlord/tenant attorney as soon as you believe a dispute may exist. At the Casement Group, P.C., we regularly help both landlords and tenants in and around Elgin resolve disputes while ensuring their legal rights are protected. The following are only some examples of how we can help you and for more information, please feel free to call our office today.

Reviewing Lease Agreements

At the heart of almost every landlord-tenant relationship is the lease agreement that sets out the legal rights and responsibilities for each party in regard to the property in question. Lease agreements can often use complex legal language and a tenant may not fully understand all of the provisions in the agreement before they sign. Suddenly, they can find themselves without certain rights based on an unfair lease. It is critical to have every lease agreement reviewed by an experienced lawyer as it can avoid costly disputes in the future.

Helping Landlords Take Legal Action

Just because a tenant signs a lease does not necessarily mean they will abide by the terms of the lease. If a tenant fails to pay rent, conducts in illegal activities on the premises, or violates other terms of a lease, you as a landlord may wish to evict them. However, under Illinois law, you do not have the power to evict them using your own methods–instead, you must follow certain procedures including providing them with proper notice and obtaining permission for the eviction from the courts. An experienced lawyer can help you through the eviction process, including seeking any unpaid rent.

Protecting The Rights Of Tenants

Tenants also have a wide variety of rights under Illinois law. For example, some of the important tenant rights include the following:

  • Right to be free from unlawful discrimination or retaliation;
  • Right to have their security deposit returned in a timely manner;
  • Right to proper notice for rent increases or for an imminent eviction filing;
  • Right against self-help eviction on the part of the landlord;
  • Right to quiet enjoyment of the rental unit;
  • Right to habitable premises.

These are only some tenant rights that, when violated, can give rise to legal action taken by the landlord to protect the place where they live or work.

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Many legal issues can develop between a landlord and a tenant and, if you are facing a dispute, you want to settle the matter in the most efficient way possible that disrupts your life and finances as little as possible. If you need legal assistance, please call our highly skilled landlord/tenant lawyer at the Casement Group, P.C. at (847) 888-9300 as soon as possible.