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All divorce proceedings under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act require a parenting plan to be presented as part of the divorce agreement. It helps identify who has custody of the child and how parenting time or visitation will take place. A pre-planned arrangement helps reduce friction and confusion between both parents, which can ultimately affect the self-esteem and psychological development of a child.

Many parents might have non-traditional working hours, which may make it difficult for them to develop a holistic parenting plan. Such parents think the court might feel they are incapable of managing their parenting responsibility. In such cases, consulting an expert family law attorney can help develop a parenting plan that helps maximize the time a parent can spend with their child, while taking on some parenting responsibilities that can be in best interest of the child.

Creative Parenting Plan Schedules

For parents who have non-traditional working hours, alternate weekends and extended weekend plans are the most popular. Many parents also include sharing parenting responsibility as part of their caretaking. It includes either picking up kids from school or taking them for extra-curricular activities after school. There is also a possibility to take children to picnics, or amusement parks as part of the plan.

For Parents Working Abroad

Making a parenting plan for an ex-spouse who lives abroad, or frequently travels to other cities and countries can be a difficult task. Under such circumstances, the parenting plan should be logic and in the best interest of the child. One possibility is to allow a child to move between cities and countries after a court order is received. Usually, undertakings are sought, and the financial health of a parent is considered to ensure the parent can fulfill the needs of their child. An ex-spouse can agree on a request if the academic commitments of a child are not affected. Regardless, a parent will have to provide specific details of travel plans, location of stay, activities and duration before a child can travel.

Making non-traditional working hours work can be difficult for both parents. Parents who work night shifts, or work at dual jobs will require special care, planning and assistance in designing a workable parenting plan.

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