When a child is born, the mother automatically has legal rights and responsibilities as a parent. The rights and responsibilities of the child’s father, however, can be more difficult to establish if the parents are not married. While there are many benefits to establishing paternity for everyone involved, it is not always an easy process. Because so much can be on the line, you should always seek assistance from a highly experienced paternity attorney who understands all of the relevant laws in Illinois. At the Casement Group, we provide the highest quality of representation for both mothers and potential fathers in paternity cases, so please call our office for help today.

Methods Of Establishing Paternity in Illinois

There are several ways to establish paternity under Illinois parentage laws. First, if two people are married when a child is conceived and/or born, the husband is presumed to be the legal father and must not make any additional showing to have legal parental rights. If two parents are not married, however, there must be additional steps taken to legally establish paternity. These steps can include:

  • The man later marries the mother and they both consent to add his name onto the birth certificate;
  • The man and mother both sign a form voluntarily acknowledging paternity;
  • Either the man or the mother files a request with the court to establish legal paternity.

The court can issue an order of paternity based on DNA test results or other relevant factors.

The Importance Of Establishing Legal Paternity

Establishing legal paternity can be highly important for unmarried parents and their child. First, a father may want to establish paternity because he would like to pursue custody and/or visitation rights to develop a meaningful relationship with his child. Without a legal paternity determination, an unmarried father can have no such legal rights to either spend time with their child or to contribute to important decisions in their life. A mother may want to establish legal paternity to receive child support payments from the legal father. She cannot collect such payments without first establishing paternity.

On the other hand, if a false paternity claim has been made against you, you always want the help of an experienced attorney to defend against the paternity action. You do not want to have to pay support for a child who is not legally yours due to false claims and our paternity attorney can assist you if you are facing this type of situation.

Call An Experienced Illinois Paternity Attorney Today

Many things can occur to delay or affect the results of a paternity case, so it is imperative that you have an experienced paternity lawyer representing your rights and interests throughout every step of the process. At the Casement Group, not only do we have the knowledge and skill to represent you in a paternity action, but we can then represent you in any child custody or child support cases that often follow a paternity case. We can provide a variety of family law services in Elgin, IL and the surrounding areas, so please call our office for help at (847) 888-9300 today for more information.