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It’s a sad truth, but even with an existing will or estate plan, disputes amongst family members do arise. Some of the issues that could lead to an individual contesting a will often include undue influence of a decedent, mismanagement of a trust, financial abuse, or simply an error in the will. Any of these reasons can cause problems for those who are the rightful recipients of the contents of a will.

Probate Attorneys in Elgin, Illinois

In Elgin and surrounding areas within Kane & DeKalb Counties, a probate is used to identify and verify the heirs of an individual who is deceased and to ensure that any assets are distributed according to the terms of the will and any legally enforceable debts are paid by the estate. For an executioner to carry out these complex tasks, it is a tall order which is why hiring an experienced probate and trust attorney can help the process.

The Casement Group, offers probate and trust litigation legal services throughout Kane & DeKalb Counties and the surrounding areas. Our firm has the qualifications and legal know-how to assist clients with various issues that may arise over the settlement of estates and trusts. We can provide legal advice and representation to clients who wish to challenge a will, estate plan or trust, as well as defending clients if a dispute is raised by another individual.

Your Options to Solve Family Disputes

Disputes that surface over wills or trusts are understandably highly emotional issues and can be the cause of a lot of stress for the family. This can oftentimes lead to probate disputes becoming very costly and time-consuming, not to mention, emotionally draining with the individuals who must go through the stressful process. This is why our experienced probate attorney takes a proactive approach to solving legal issues when it comes to wills, trusts and estate planning. To do that, we will always look for opportunities to resolve any probate and trust litigation disputes in manner that will be financially beneficial for our clients.

Why Use the Legal Services of the Casement Group

We are well-versed in areas of probate and trust administration, and in providing legal representation while prosecuting or defending clients. The Casement Group can assist you in areas such as:
Probate and Trust Litigtation

  • Reviewing wills and trusts
  • Filling documents and petitions
  • Probate issues and alleged mismanagement of assets
  • Trust litigation pertaining to accounting challenges or fiduciary misconduct
  • Contested or vague wills
  • Charges of undue influence
  • Questions of competency
  • Advising clients on probate and trust litigation

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