Social Security, SSI and SSDI: Disability Lawyers Serving Kane & DeKalb Counties

Welcome to the Casement Group’s main page on Social Security and disability law. Our lead attorney in this practice area, Erin A. Duffy, provides personalized strategies and compassionate guidance for all of our Social Security/SSDI/SSI clients. Please do not hesitate to reach out for a personal, no-obligation consultation — our number is (847) 888-9300.

Social Security Glossary

There will be quite a few abbreviations in this article and they may all look very similar. Please refer to this list if you lose track:

SSA: The Social Security Administration (a federal financial protection organization)
SSDI: Social Security Disability Insurance (an SSA disability insurance program that most taxpayers contribute to)
SSI: Supplemental Security Income (support for people with disabilities that also have limited income or resources)

Reviewing Your Eligibility

One of the first things we do with our new clients is review cases for eligibility. You could be eligible for benefits if you have paid into the Social Security program on your taxes.

Most people do this automatically. For example, if your employer withholds your taxes on your paycheck and sends you an IRS form W-4 at the end of the year, it is highly likely you have contributed to the SSA programs.

Assisting With Your Claim

Ideally, you would come to us before you attempt to complete an SSDI or SSI application on your own. Although the SSA goes to great lengths to make the process accessible, it is still highly technical and complex.

Mistakes and omissions often result in rejections. We are able to help you organize your materials and submit a complete Social Security claim — in person in Kane & DeKalb counties or virtually.

Why do you need a Social Security lawyer if you haven’t even started the process? It’s simple: Professional assistance should avoid unnecessary delays and wasted effort that is so common with these applications.

Valid, fully-supported claims often result in applicants getting the full benefits for their disability and contribution history. If this is not the case, or if you submitted an application and believe you might have made a mistake, our office might still be able to help.

Supporting You Beyond the Initial Claim

Casement Group, has a number of services to resolve conflicts, optimize your benefits and generally support you as you seek what you deserve from a system you have supported your whole life. These services include:

  • Medical case evaluation for SSDI
  • Maximizing benefits in combination with other disability programs (such as Workers’ Compensation)
  • Appealing denials or rejected claims
  • Helping you apply for SSDI if you already receive VA benefits (the processes and criteria are very different)
  • Assisting with rare conditions
  • Applying for family member benefits
  • Applying for Social Security benefits for children with disabilities

A Full Range of Legal Services

We are a full-service SSDI and SSI firm. In fact, we practice in a large number of practice areas. This allows us to bring cross-disciplinary experience to each case while still maintaining dedicated counsel for complex issues. In other words, we get the big picture of your situation while resolving it as efficiently as possible.

We are standing by to hear from you. Give us a call to schedule your free initial case evaluation at (847) 888-9300.