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Several holidays are lined up during this month. Most people are likely to be excited about spending quality, joyous time with their family and friends during the holiday season, but divorced parents may still be uncertain about whether they will be able to spend time with their children this year. Illinois family laws were recently modified to make sure the children are able to spend adequate amount of time with both parents.

Which parent will take care of their child for how many days is included in a parenting plan that comprises of a regular and holiday parenting time schedule. The latter is dedicated to helping parents understand and decide the arrangement for different holidays and special occasions so that there are no conflicts after divorce.

Making Arrangement for Holiday Time

During the holiday season, schools are closed for the winter break, and parents are likely to get time off from work as well. Same is the case with most of the other holidays during the year. If you want to make arrangements for holiday time, here are a few ways you can split and share time with your children:

  • You can work with your ex-spouse to schedule holidays alternatively for every other year. You can assign holidays to each other, and then swap them in odd years. This will allow both of you to spend every holiday with your children.
  • Another good way is to schedule a holiday twice. Decide on two dates and allow your children to celebrate a specific holiday, once with you and then with your ex-spouse on the next date. For example, you can celebrate Christmas on 23rd December, while your ex-spouse can take the children on the 25th.
  • You can split the holiday in half. This means that you can spend half the day with children, and let your ex-spouse have them for the rest of the day. However, coordination and planning are important for this kind of arrangement.
  • There is a chance that some holidays are more important in your opinion, while your ex-spouse may consider them insignificant. You can work out an arrangement, each of you assigning a holiday to yourself every year that you consider is important.


By using one or a combination of these arrangements, you can effectively divide holidays and share quality time with your children without any dispute.

Resolving Issues Pertaining to Holiday Parenting Time

There are situations where divorcing parents are unable to reach an arrangement for holiday parenting time, especially in a contested divorce. In such a case, courts evaluate the circumstances and make a decision according to the best interests of the child. To avoid disputes, parents should work together to decide on a parenting plan by taking into account the specific needs and beliefs pertaining to different holidays.

It is best to get the legal service of a reliable and experienced child custody attorney to help you with the parenting plan, and create an effective holiday parenting time schedule on which both parties can agree. Contact Casement P.C., to schedule a free consultation today.