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In the aftermath of divorce, the most grueling question for parents is to decide who gets custody of their child and bears expenses of their education. Under the law, court has the power to decide which parent bears the responsibility of paying the child’s tuition fees. In most instances, the parent who does not have custody but has to pay child support is bound to pay the school fees after a divorce.

Most people end up paying for their child’s school fees in an unfair arrangement where their estranged spouse gets a better deal. Therefore, it is recommended to hire an experienced child custody lawyer to ensure a fair arrangement. It is important to understand that there are several factors which are considered by the court while determining which parent should pay the school fees after a divorce.

Mutual Consent

The simplest way to decide who should pay the education expenses of the child after a divorce is through mutual understanding and consent where both parents agree to share expenses. Alternatively, one parent can also decide to voluntarily take upon the responsibility of paying the fees themselves. This can potentially save a lot of time and allow the couple to move on easily.

Court Decision

If the estranged couple is unable to reach a decision regarding the education expenditure of their child, they might approach the court. As stated earlier, the law empowers the court to use its discretion to resolve such issues. Generally, the court takes financial situation of both parents into account before announcing its decision. Therefore, whichever parent is more financially strong will be ordered to pay most of the school fees. In case a parent is unable to afford to pay for education at all, the court might allow him or her to not make any payments unless their financial situation improves.

What role does a family lawyer play in this case?

Proving your financial situation and inability to bear the expenses of your child’s school fees in court can be quite an arduous task. Alternatively, dismantling false financial statements of your ex-spouse also requires an experienced attorney. In either case, acquiring the services of an experienced family lawyer can help you get a fair judgment.

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