Real Estate & Family Lawyer In Streamwood IL

At Casement Group, P.C., our lawyers understand that legal problems are not an everyday occurrence and require firm grasp over legal concepts and extensive experience to overcome effectively. Family law issues, including separation or divorce and child custody or support, are quite complex, as their outcome impacts the entire family. These issues require considering many details such as division of property and estate, decision of sole or joint custody, fair child support and spousal maintenance compensation, and many other things.

Our family law and real estate attorney strives to make matters easier for our clients. Through open and honest communication, we quickly establish a connection with our clients because we know how important it is to have effective attorney-client relationship for the success of any case. From the very beginning, we provide thorough explanations to educate our clients about the legal process and its intricacies, enabling them to make informed decisions for the best possible outcome.

The Practice Areas of Streamwood Attorney

At Casement Group, P.C., our family law and real estate attorney provides each case the undivided attention and diligence it deserves. We offer a wide range of legal services in Streamwood, including:

  • Real Estate – We understand the high value and sensitivity of real estate cases, and provide the best advocacy to protect your interests. We can help you with real estate matters including residential and commercial real estate, short sales, landlord/tent law and their applicability, and foreclosure defense.
  • Family Law – Family issues are among the most sensitive legal matters because they affect each individual involved on a personal level. Our lawyer has extensive experience in handling family law cases and knows that they require a compassionate approach. We offer legal representation for all types of family law issues including divorce, child custody/parenting time, paternity, and child support.

Apart from the above core services, we also offer legal assistance in the following:

  • Bankruptcy – We can help you with filing bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.
  • Estate planning – We can handle trusts, wills, and powers of attorney the way you want.
  • Criminal defense – We provide legal representation for criminal defense cases ranging from ordinance violations to serious misdemeanor charges.
  • Tax law – We can take care of tax preparation and audit representation.

Regardless of the type of legal obstacle you’ve encountered, you can count on our lawyer at Casement Group, P.C. to give you solid legal advice and craft a strong legal strategy to help you may overcome your problems. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide effective legal solutions that help our clients to achieve the desired outcome.

Our Streamwood Family Law and Real Estate Attorney can help with your Case

Do you have any questions regarding your real estate or family law case? Let our experienced and reliable lawyer help you to evaluate your legal options and plan the best course of action for your case. Call us at (847) 888-9300 today to schedule a consultation with our skilled attorney.